Room Data Sheet SmartTool

The Art of Documenting Room Requirements

Create Room Data Sheets

The Room Data Sheet SmartTool provides the ability to create and retrieve room data sheets in an efficient and comprehensive manner. Users can create a file of room standard data sheets for reference by room type and can create discrete project files by individually populating room data sheets, by copying within and/or between projects and/or from the library of room standards previously created. The tool produces individual room sheets for inclusion in Basis of Design reports and summary discipline reports for ease of communication with project teams.

The Room Data Sheet Process

Data input forms are organized by discipline and are divided into sections covering room description, materials and finishes, furnishings and accessories, structural, electrical, plumbing and process, and HVAC disciplines. Thumbnail size drawings or graphics can be inserted for display on the room report. A simple click of the mouse selects items from the pre-programmed lists. “Other” fields routinely allow for additional entries. “Comment” fields are provided by discipline area to capture project critical information.

Room Data Sheet Reports

The Room Data Sheet SmartTool’s database technology efficiently stores and retrieves information providing on demand reports. Sample reports include:

Microbiology 1 Room Data Sheet
Plumbed Gas Selection Summary Report

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