Strategic Facility Planning SmartTool

The Art of Aligning Business and Facility Demand

Space Demand and Planning Data Comprehensive of all Space Types

Rightsized and appropriately appointed space is essential for your business to operate at optimal capacity. Too much space is inefficient. Too little space is frustrating. The wrong kind of space is ineffective. The Strategic Facility Planning SmartTool accurately forecasts space demand so that you have right space at the right time. The tool is distinguished by its ability to plan for all space types required by your business with consideration for the complex relationships between people, space, time, equipment, operations and utilization. The tool imports facility and employee data from existing programs to maintain the integrity of single source data.

Optimized Strategic Facility Planning Process

The Strategic Facility Planning SmartTool forecasts space based on a combination of headcount, seating assumptions and operational space demand. It accounts for shift assumptions and works with metric, step and one-time space benchmarks.

Report Functions

The Strategic Facility Planning SmartTool’s database technology efficiently stores and retrieves information providing on demand reports. Sample reports include the:

Department Abstract

Company Abstract

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