Facility Planning Tool

The Future of Facility Planning

Facility Planning Arts’ Facility Planning Tool transforms facility planning into a streamlined integrated process with its unique database technology. With the Facility Planning Tool, you can save time by scoping a complex facility project in under two hours. Save money by shortening design and consultant time while reducing the risk of costly mistakes. Institutionalize knowledge with documented decisions and project change tracking functionality. Select building qualities which align to your cost, schedule, sustainability, risk, reliability and safety priorities. Communicate easily with project teams and senior management. Increase client satisfaction.

How it Works

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Streamline the Facility Planning Process

The Facility Planning Tool uses facilitated decision making to determine preferred building qualities in alignment with business requirements.

  • One integrated design meeting

  • One data repository for facility decisions across a project’s lifecycle

  • Pre-vetted selection options based on three levels of building quality, cost and construction complexity

  • One source for facilities information and basis of design intent

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Benchmark Building Quality

The Facility Planning Tool (FPT) benchmarks the relationship between building quality and cost using the FPT scoring methodology. The Score / Cost Comparison Report illustrates the calculated score as compared to project cost.


Institutionalize and Access Knowledge

Document decisions, track project changes and efficiently retrieve information using robust search and reporting capabilities.

Sample Reports

Project Report
Project Change Summary
Building Capability Report

Web Interface

The Facility Planning Tool allows controlled access to the database’s stored information from a web interface on your company’s intranet. Functions include:

  • Access to Facility Engineering Standards as defined by the database’s templates

  • Decision Impacts as shown on a variety of reports

  • Metadata Searches as defined by the database’s embedded and customizable metadata keywords

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